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Welcome to J2

We’ve always gone about things in a different way to other agencies.

For a start, we believe good work and good people come as a package.

It’s not enough to promise beautiful results we’ll both be proud of. You need to offer talented, experienced, genuinely lovely people as well. Really, when you think about it, why would you do things any other way?

Then there's our untameable commitment to going above and beyond.

For years, our clients have been telling us that we surprise them. In a good way. And they stay being our clients, so we keep coming back with the surprises.

We're also a multi-award winning agency.

The J2 Team

Meet the brilliant people creating brilliant work.

Talented, experienced people you’d be happy to have a beer with.

Julian West

Managing Director / Co-founder

Patrick Johnston


Philippa Honosutomo

Group Account Director

Bill Fung

Design Director

Amy Duke

Business Development Director

John Wainwright

Art Director

Caterina Rosato

Senior Account Director

Anita Reed

Creative Planning Director

Tom Palmer

Design Director

Bill Holmes

Account Director

Karen Taylor

Senior Creative Artworker

Debra Gordon

Senior Account Manager

Ashleigh Akinyemi

Creative Artworker

Amy Jones


Daniel Ballantyne

Senior Creative Artworker

Luke Inkles


Nicola Horne

Office Manager

George Jury


Colette Kenny

Senior Account Executive

Callum Findlay

Web Developer

Tamara Burnside

Senior Web Developer

Moira Farrell

Credit Controller

Laura Sefton

Account Executive

Ashton Sassoon

Account Executive

Craig Bevan

Senior Account Manager

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+44 (0)20 8421 7444

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